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For many people, living with a disability is challenging enough. However, when leafing through the daily newspaper or reading one’s favourite book is hampered by what seem insurmountable obstacles, the challenges of daily living can seem overwhelming. myTurny is the perfect aid for people suffering from illnesses or disabilities preventing them from using their fingers or hands to hold or leaf through the reading of their choice.

For over 20 years, myTurny has offered a wide selection of reading aids in an effort to improve the lives of those concerned. The turning function for book pages or newspapers of different sizes is activated by either electronic page turners or simply by blowing.

The universally deployable reading stand allows hands-free reading of different types of material.

Due to the existing equipment number, which you will find in the product lists, it is easy to obtain partial or full reimbursement from German medical insurances when buying a “Turny”.

“Turny”, “Turny Plus” and “Turny Switch” helps people with disabilities to depend less on the help of others, thus regaining a certain amount of independence.

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